Machine Hallucinations by Refik Anadol minted with Manifold Studio in original 4K resolution, sold by Sotheby’s. (Source: Manifold Studio)

Manifold gives creators digital sovereignty like never before.

Manifold co-founder Eric Diep joined me on YouTube to talk about the decentralization of NFTs, the future of Web3, and what Manifold is building to help creators take control of their contracts.

Manifold is focused on working with and building tools for creators to allow for creative sovereignty, which Eric defines as “the idea of owning your creative output.” Recently, they launched Manifold Studio, which is the best way creators can mint their own NFTs with total control. The company is meant to be self-serve and allow creators to fully own their keys and contract. While there’s less hand-holding, creators are exposed to NFTs’ unlimited potential.

During our conversation, we discussed topics like Manifold’s collaboration with digital artists, including Pak Store for Lost Poets, how Manifold’s creator contract works, features of Manifold Studio, and what Eric wished he knew when he started his career.

If you’re interested in joining the Manifold team and leading the way for Web3, Manifold is hiring. Check out their website to learn more about job opportunities for designers, engineers, PMs and more.

We recently co-led their first institutional venture round with A16z and are proud to be early investors. For more insights, watch the full video below.

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