Adyton’s solutions are transforming the way the U.S. Department of Defense operates. Their flagship product, Mustr, gives leaders reliable access to insight they need through tools that make personnel accountability fast, easy and secure.

Adyton co-founder and CEO James Boyd joined me on YouTube to discuss how the mobile technology company is building software that’s quickly spreading across the U.S. military.

Recently, Adyton launched Mustr, an online identity and communication platform that’s simple and secure. It helps troops and organizations manage personnel with a variety of tools for communication, data and more.

Before Adyton, James completed multiple tours of duty and served as a communications sergeant in the 1st Special Forces of the U.S. Army. James also spent years working at Palantir. As an early employee, he worked on teams that landed and expanded enterprise contracts that contributed to the company’s growth.

In our conversation, we dove into a range of topics, like James’ journey to defense tech; his inspiration for this software; the process of building Mustr and how it works; the way Mustr is impacting real-world teams; and advice from James to his younger self. (Hint: He explains why it’s important to take a holistic life approach).

If you’re a passionate front-end developer, a full stack developer, or a veteran with end user empathy, Adyton could be the place for you. They’re hiring, so check out their website for more information.

Initialized is an early investor in Adyton and excited to be a small part of this very big and important journey. For more insights, watch the full video below.

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