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Launching Business Dad. We’ve initialized our first podcast

We’ve initialized our first podcast

How do you “have it all” as a working parent? Working moms are asked this question incessantly, but it’s rarely asked of working dads. After my daughter Olympia was born, it took months before I was asked about work-life balance and the inevitable trade-offs of being a working parent. Whenever I’ve written or spoken about this subject, I’m struck by the reactions it generates with people both online and offline.

We’re already hitting a nerve. Sometimes it upsets people. Sometimes it excites them, but either way it’s something I want to dig deeper into because there are stories and perspectives here that clearly have an audience.

This podcast will open up the question of how dads struggle to “have it all.”

What routines or traditions did you create for your kid(s)?

How do you decide when to make the trade-off between time spent on career and time spent with family?

What are your biggest regrets since becoming a dad?

How has becoming a father made you better at your job?

We’re talking to some of the most successful men across business, sports, entertainment, and more, for candid conversations about what it means to be a father in today’s world and how they balance their careers and family.

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Kicking off with Hasan Minhaj

Our first episode is with the creator & host of Patriot Act on NetflixHasan Minhaj, who has a skyrocketing career and a toddler at home. He’s as insightful as he is funny and it couldn’t have been a more auspicious start for our podcast.

We did not discuss the pigeon incident. But we did talk about how he balances he had with the one he wants to create for his daughter; the trade-offs he knows he has to make every time he leaves for a long day on set; and why he doesn’t want her to go into the entertainment industry.

Our first season is 10 episodes and a new one will drop every Thursday. Subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Our partners in this endeavor, Chartablewhich we invested in last year, have built the best podcast analytics and attribution platform out there and have provided the infrastructure we’d need to track the success of this project. We try as often as possible to dog food the companies we invest in and this was an instance where the opportunity coincided perfectly with startup.