Roman Kudiyarov and Dmitry Lyfar, the founders of Termius.

Before I met Roman Kudiyarov and Dmitry Lyfar, I had already had their app, Termius, installed on my phone for years. A reliable mobile SSH client is very important for anyone who’s ever been on pager duty for servers. It’s so essential that their product has been able to quietly attract a customer base of more than 11,000 engineers globally. Not only that, after speaking with them, it was immediately clear to me they had more interesting plans than just an SSH client for my phone.

We were so compelled by Roman and Dmitry’s vision to modernize SSH clients for desktop and mobile, that we eventually chose to back them at Initialized Capital.

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Trends in modern server architecture which make it easier to orchestrate many servers at once may make it seem like using an SSH client to connect to an individual host is decreasingly common. But in many ways, the opposite is true, network admins and sysadmins still need to understand what is happening on their servers and the additional deployment complexity merits better SSH tooling to keep track of precisely where and how to connect. Having up-to-date hosts and authentication across all your devices is vital and Termius provides tooling for precisely this problem using end-to-end encryption. Shared host configuration is even a bigger problem across teams and this is where Termius really shines with their new teams product.

Even more exciting is what Termius is going to be able to do once they have your team on board. Command line usage can very often be repetitive and redundant with slight but sometimes hard to remember variations. Termius will be positioned to learn from command line usage both for your team and globally and either suggest the commands you need or surface relevant reference material.

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Initialized is very excited to watch as Termius continues to innovate on the command line experience. If you manage servers remotely by yourself or with your team, they are well worth taking the time to try out.