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Smart Podcast Analytics, At Last

Why we invested in Chartable

When new digital media formats emerge, they produce vast amounts of new data from watch times to click-through-rates to time spent and so on. But podcasting has remained bizarrely opaque and complicated.

Enter: Chartable.

There’s a gold rush happening around podcasting and that’s a great time to be selling the indispensable picks & shovels. These tools are going to be core to helping podcast creators grow, monetize, and continuously improve their new media empires.

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Podcasting can be a family affair. I even interviewed my dad. Listen here.

Dave Zohrob is one of those CEO and founders we love to back early, because he’s not only a maker, but also an avid devotee of podcasting and has been for quite some time. He’s built something that he knew people in the industry had been yearning for, because he needed it for his own podcast. It hasn’t been long, but he’s already on the right course.

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Before Chartable, getting an overview of podcast performance meant visiting up to five different websites and trying to hack together that data into a single, cogent set. Now it’s simplified to a single dashboard, because Chartable automatically collects downloads, engagement, charts, reviews, and more from major distribution channels like Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

Simple. Smart. And what every single podcaster wishes they’d had for the last 10 years.

I’m borderline obsessed with all the analytics — even the ranking update e-mails are a must-open. I’ve started three podcasts now and whether you’re a new podcaster or an industry veteran, you’ll find Chartable’s tools to be indispensable.

They launched a new one today, which is a great example of making something people love — SmartLinks are basically “ for podcasts” that track all the way to download. This seems basic, but even in a multi-hundred-million dollar industry, there was previously no way to see how many downloads a particular link to a podcast generated.

With all the venture money being poured into podcasting now, the timing is perfect for something like this to help all these creators make sure their investors’ money is being well-spent. Great analytics are core to every successful business and the business of podcasting is no exception (thanks to Chartable).

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Yes, they even have their own Chartable Radio podcast.