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Garry Tan’s Key Theses for 2019

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Here is a non-comprehensive, unordered list of things that I think are interesting and will continue to grow. We are a generalist firm, so we are very interested in adding to this list.

🗄 File cabinet businesses eaten by software

🤖 Pragmatic computer vision: Computers can see

Lendtech: Anything that can be lent against will be

🚙 Autonomy will remake cities

Eldertech for 73M soon-to-be retirees

💡All businesses are now memes

💰 Crypto is software eats money, eng teams that ship will win

Privacy tech becomes must have vs. surveillance-and-advertising fueled capitalism

🏥 Telemedicine improves access & quality to healthcare

New more accurate credentialing will lead to proverse selection for education

☁️ Single cloud will be replaced by multi-cloud (on prem will resurge and data will need to be stored in country — single cloud tech will die)

👩🏻‍💻 Remote work with distributed teams worldwide will become dominant and widely accepted

20th century dead food (canned, preserved, processed) will be replaced by better, faster and cheaper fresh food supply chains enabled by software and logistics

💊 Medicare and health insurance opening new alternatives for reimbursement incentives will lead to a new wave of viable healthcare startups

💳 The best fintech companies will have organic durable low CAC. The days of fintech customer acquisition scams are over.

⛏ Picks and shovels APIs and cloud services that make 20M developers super powerful.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list. There is so much happening in the world that smart teams are tackling that nobody else is thinking or talking about. There are people sitting in offices, living rooms, and coffee shops all around the world who are furiously working on what will be on this list down the road.

That’s how all the interesting stuff starts.

The future is bright!