We’re delighted to be able to announce our investment in Bison Trails and talk about the work they are doing to advance the state of the art in blockchain infrastructure.

The 10 years since Bitcoin’s launch have validated proof-of-work as a robust and sustainable consensus system. At the same time drawbacks of that approach — notably in limited performance and extreme energy usage — have spurred many teams to research and build alternative approaches. Networks based on these approaches are now launching, bringing with them interesting new complexities like staking, voting, and novel validation schemes.

What’s constant throughout the launches of all these new networks is the need for robust infrastructure for the deployment and orchestration of the nodes that run them. We believe that most of this infrastructure will need to be purpose-built for the task because running nodes on these networks requires running new, not yet entirely battle-tested software with idiosyncratic networking and uptime requirements.

Bison Trails is building the full-stack solution to participate in these networks. Their customers can quickly spin up new nodes on these networks and experience peace of mind from Bison Trails’ best in class fault tolerance and security.

As they aggressively on-board new protocols to their platform, the communities behind them have as much to gain as Bison Trails’ customers do. This is because these communities can count on Bison Trails commitment to be good stewards of the networks they participate in, give back to the community, and help the network thrive and scale.

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Bison Trails Founders Joe Lallouz and Aaron Henshaw in New York — photo by Garry Tan

The Initialized team could not be more enthusiastic about the founders we are backing to tackle this market. Joe and Aaron’s long history of working together as founders and builders of mission-critical software has specifically prepared them for their current work. Perhaps the best reflection of this fact is in the caliber of teammates they have almost immediately surrounded themselves in, all highly seasoned and deeply skilled software builders.

We are thrilled to have a front row seat to watch the future of blockchain networks take shape. Bison Trails is going to be the partner that participants and creators of these networks need to keep things running smoothly and securely at scale. If you need to run a blockchain node, are launching a network, or are looking for a career in the space you should definitely get in touch, they’re quite friendly.